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The 12 Choice of Winners (E-Book) - Reseller Rights

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The 12 Choice of Winners (E-Book) - Reseller Rights

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Marie Meyer: Registered Psychologist, Counsellor, former Course Coordinator of the Diploma in Counselling, Vision College, Christchurch. Current chairperson of Canterbury/Westland branch of the New Zealand association of Counsellors.

Saunders, J. (2010). The 12 Choices of Winners: Being Who You are Designed To Be. Christchurch (NZ): Planetary Publishing.

I have really enjoyed several dips into "The 12 Choices of Winners" - a 'self-help' book with a difference - well, several differences from most self-help books. The combination of affirmations, cartoons, text and case-studies all pulled together with Jeff's experiences as a counsellor makes for lively reading. Jeff highlights the multitude of familiar old patterns most of us follow in our thinking and feeling reactions in our daily living. These habits keep us stuck in problematic cycles. Jeff briefly explains the benefits of being more intentional in our choices for daily living. The point is that most of us can be better and do better with more consideration of our choices and by selecting optimum outcomes.

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Te Ruru: Counsellor, Head of Diploma in Counselling, Christchurch Polytechnic, New Zealand. Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Saunders, J. (2010). The 12 Choices of Winners: Being Who You are Designed To Be. Christchurch, New Zealand: Planetary Publishing.

Occasionally one comes across a book that can be described as a real gem. The 12 Choices of Winners is such a book. This text is a unique combination of accumulated wisdom and experience, organised into a superbly useable format for individuals, therapists, coaches, counselling educators, and all students of the good life.

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Mark Murphy: Counsellor, MindBody Therapist, Lecturer in Human Development and Counselling Studies in the Diploma in Counselling at Vision College in Christchurch.

Saunders, J. (2010). The 12 Choices of Winners: Being Who You are Designed To Be. Christchurch (NZ): Planetary Publishing.

I have worked with Jeffrey Saunders - or Jeff as I know him - for over three years in the field of counsellor education and personal development. I consider Jeff to be one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. Jeff is warm and compassionate - his eyes sparkle with the knowledge of one who has travelled the path and radiates self-acceptance. Jeff speaks and writes with confidence and clarity on a vast range of topics - from what to do with unwanted emotions and early childhood trauma, to managing intimate relationships in complex family systems, and improving one's financial health.

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"I realize now that I was hugely disadvantaged by not knowing how to successfully manage by mind, emotions, or tread through the mire of conflict in my close relationships. The 12 Choices of Winners has given me insight, confidence and skills which, as I apply them, are bringing change, greater happiness, and a greater sense of control to my life. In addition, any-one on the spiritual journey will find this book gives the keys for self-realization. This book has assisted me personally towards becoming a self-realized Being, and offers the first major step on the Path of Spirituality. I highly recommend Jeff's book as a tool for enlightenment."

Angela May Longley BA. Social Anthropology, Grad Dip in Sociology, Platform Medium, Spiritual Healer and Teacher.

For many years I was trained to use practical skills, logic or mathematics to solve economic and financial problems. But when I was challenged with big decisions relating to my happiness, or understanding my behaviour, emotions, love life, balance as a person, or understanding my interaction with others, none of my previous skills worked for me. The 12 Choices of Winners is a fantastic book, and gave me the insight, tools and exercises to become a happier and successful person. Every time I re-read a paragraph, or repeat an exercise, I discover something new that adds to my balance and happiness. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Jeff.

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