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Telephone: 03 9604080

By speaking to me by phone, I can briefly discuss your reasons for wanting couples counselling, give you a sense of the number of sessions that might be needed, and discuss times for an appointment that would best suit you.


If contacting me by phone seems difficult or uncomfortable, then by all means email me. I clear my emails every two or three days. My preference is to counsel face to face rather than by email. The relationship I form with you is important to a successful outcome, and this is more easily developed face to face.

Skype: Use Skype for your counselling session

Skype will enable you to work with me from anywhere in the world. You can download Skype software free, and simply install my phone number or email in your contacts list. Skype will enable us to view each other provided your computer has a webcam. (Check centre top just above your screen.) You can download Skype by clicking on the following link:

Alternatively, you can call me on 0064 (New Zealand) 3 960 4080 and I will talk you through the process of downloading at the beginning of our first session.


47 Aotea Terrace


Christchurch 8022

New Zealand

Phone number: 03-9604080


The location of my therapy rooms on Huntsbury Hill above Christchurch offers privacy, a beautiful view, and peace and quiet just twelve minutes by car from central Christchurch. I do my research and writing from this room also, so come and enjoy the library of self-help books I'm surrounded by. A map showing the location of Jeff's consulting rooms will show you how easy it is to reach the expertise that will transform your relationship.

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