jeffery saunders

Spiritual Relationship Mastery 102

Skills of Partnership. Cooperative, Caring, Compassionate, Communication.

This course will be available from the end of 2010.

Programme Outline

Why bother with a relationship course? How can this course help you?

Introduction: Course Outline.

There will be 10 Sessions

Session 1: The Gift of Paying Attention.

How could I listen better, rather than react?

Session 2: Detecting and understanding your projections.

Why are my buttons being pushed, and my behaviour getting ugly?

Session 3: Understanding your projections.

Can we ever stop our reactive cycles?

Session 4: We must understand our reactive cycle.

What is our reactive pattern?

Session 5: Our inner world fuels our projections.

What must we do to stop the same old same old?

Session 6: Recognizing and honouring difference.

What can I do when differences arise?

Session 7: Understanding, supporting, empowering yourself.

Can I accept that I might not be good enough?

Session 8: Compassionate Conflict Communication.

Why should I talk when I'm in a mood?

Session 9: Effective use of 'I' Statements.

How do we talk without further inflaming the problem?

Session 10: Prioritizing the needs of relationship.

What can we do to bring quality to further enhance our love?